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The kidsmediacentre is a research centre and children's industry think tank at Centennial College's Story Arts Centre. Working with our Children's Media Program and ECE Labs, we research children's media experiences and provide a range of creative research tools to help kids' content producers develop meaningful and inspiring entertainment.

An Ethical Framework

An Ethical Framework - The Report

kidsmediacentre launches groundbreaking Ethical Framework and Best Practices Report for Ontario children's developers

The kidsmediacentre, faculty and students at Centennial College embarked on a research journey to better understand developer challenges, practices and attitudes around content creation in the fast moving children's digital landscape.

Our goal was to develop a framework for understanding and creating ethical and appropriate marketing practices for reaching young audiences.

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Media Literate Kids

Kids' Panel - Picks & Pans | A savvy group of kids with a strong point of view about the media and the culture they consume.

Read what our kids' panel media critics have to say as they deconstruct the culture.

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Community Blog

Community Blog

  • Parents, Back to You: New Screen Time Guidelines for Children

    Tech is part of our lives and can be effective at keeping kids occupied. But there needs to be a limit on how much of their worldview comes from a screen.

  • Indigenous Reads

    A lady came into the kid’s bookstore where I work a couple of days ago. She gravitated immediately towards the display showcasing Indigenous kids’ stories.

  • Rebels For a Cause

    There are so many different ways to connect with people to spread positive messages online, and lots of children are trying to make a difference using social media.

  • The YouTube Monolith: Ruler of Children’s Media

    YouTube was born in 2005, and ever since has steadily risen into a media powerhouse by evolving and adapting to the desires of viewers.

  • A look at YouTube’s top kids channel: Little Baby Bum

    Me and millions of toddlers share a fascination: Little Baby Bum. Little Baby Bum is the top education channel on YouTube. It features animated children’s songs and nursery rhymes like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.

  • Death and children’s books: Is it ever too soon?

    Charlotte’s Web and Bridge to Terabithia bring us joy and fill us with nostalgia. But they also contain a topic that makes even adults uncomfortable: death.

  • Gender Neutral Marketing for Toys

    When Mattel released its ad for Moschino Barbie it caused a stir. One of the ad’s stars was a boy. Male Barbie fans were enthused while many were outraged.

  • #MakeMulanRight

    #MakeMulanRight is a petition circling social media. Its goal was for the live-action in-production Mulan movie to get an Asian writer and a script change.

  • Being Barb: The Timelessness of the Everywoman Heroine

    The hit show Stranger Things portrays Nancy Wheeler as the show’s heroine. But as fans have pointed out, another character makes for an even better heroine.

  • Why I Let My Boy Play with Barbie

    There's no better way to #BeSuper than being you! How do you express yourself through style? #Barbie Click the link in our bio to shop! A photo posted by Barbie…
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Qualitative Research

Is your children's entertainment property sufficiently EPIC to make the grade?

Qualitative Research

Finally, a strategic planning and user engagement research centre for the children's content industry in Canada!

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Applied Research

Applied Research Partnerships = Funding ($) and support for kids' cross-platform properties

Applied Research

Consider partnering with Centennial to help grow your kids' brand. Our interdisciplinary faculty and all-star students apply their expertise to help develop your children's property!

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Social Science Research

Exploring children's media futures

Social Science Research

Using a combination of innovative research methods and collective creativity, the kidsmediacentre works on behalf of children's creative industries to generate knowledge and applied opportunities for those connected to the children's space.

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Leaders Talk Kids' Media

Leaders Talk Kids' Media

Missed that last youth industry conference? Hear what leaders in the kids industry have to say about developing engaging and relevant content for kids.

This School's Got Talent

  • Luuk Van Baars
  • Michael Wong
  • Chenny Kim
  • JD Casas
  • Omar Turki
  • Hannah Hall
  • James Okore
  • Melissa Mather
  • James Hetmanek

Does your kids' project need talent to deliver on those deliverables?

Our well-rounded, multi-talented students are the next generation of content creators and can help move your entertainment project forward!

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Children's Media

Children's Media Program

The Children's Media Program is a one-of-a-kind post-graduate program focused on writing, production and management, preparing you for a new career as a highly-skilled children's content producer.

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  • TVOkids"Any experienced and successful Children's Producer knows you need to constantly go back to your audience. The kidsmediacentre knows the value of research and testing a property to make sure it's striking the right chord. We have been connected to two kmc research properties and in both cases the content benefited greatly from their indepth analysis and insight."
    -Pat Ellingson, Creative Head, TVOkids
  • Digital Wizards"Working with Debbie and the kidsmediacentre was an excellent experience. The knowledge base that was brought to the focus testing was exceptional, kmc's rapport and ease when working with children during our testing and the final research report all exceeded our expectations. I would work with the kidsmediacentre again in an instant!"
    -Diane Williamson, President, Digital Wizards Inc.
  • Breakthrough Entertainment"The kidsmediacentre's usability study on the Think Big Invention Machine helped us assess the game's difficulty level and whether we had accomplished our goal of communicating core science concepts to the players."
    -Dorothy Vreeker, Digital Media Director, Breakthrough Entertainment
  • 9 Story Entertainment"As producers, we utilized the services of Debbie Gordon and the kidsmediacentre to spearhead focus groups during the development process of one of our pre-school shows. Needless to say, Debbie's research proved invaluable. The results of the study allowed us to better define our market, identify the glitches that needed work, and understand the rapidly changing trends and viewing habits of our target demographic. I could not recommend the kidsmediacentre and its research program more highly."
    -Liliana Vogt, VP, Development, 9 Story Entertainment
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