Evan Doherty

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Basic Information

Name: Evan Doherty
Graduating Class: 2009/2010
Other credentials: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Ontario College of Art and Design
Current position: Production Coordinator at Chocolate Liberation Front
Specialties: Writing; Visual Art; Digital Media; Paper Mache
Websites: LinkedIn
Contact: [email protected]


Evan Doherty is currently part of a small creative team working on the Titanic Interactive project at Chocolate Liberation Front. Evan helped to develop and launch the integrated online experience that supports the television miniseries event, Titanic. This includes a multimedia website and suite of iPad activities that extends the TV property to include content such as immersive panoramic environments, detailed historical data and gripping interactive narratives.

Evan is partner and member of Death By Art School, an art collective and neo-glam futurist performance unit. He was responsible for writing and performing in Froodus, a Death By Art School musical.

Evan has also designed and produced a line of satirical tarot cards that were sold at the 2011 Canzine Festival.


Why did you choose the Children’s Entertainment Program at Centennial?

I was looking online for a book about producing children’s media. I found the program instead—and one year didn’t seem like an unbearable commitment.

Why were you interested in a career in the children’s media industry?

My goal is to make “high art for low people.” That is, wonderful, mind-boggling entertainment for people who just barely understand how to make sense of the world. Adults take most things too seriously. Unfortunately, they own all the TV stations.

Describe how the Children’s Entertainment Program at Centennial prepared you for working in the industry or on a specific project.

The program taught me lots of important industry jargon that I use on a regular basis. For example, instead of telling people that I make websites, I say that I produce multi-platform digital content experiences.

The program also taught me how important funding is and how to navigate Canada’s government and private funding programs.

What are three skills that you learned in the program that you use everyday?

Communication. Planning and scheduling. Not making very much money.

What do you like the most about the work you do or the industry area that you work in?

I get to be involved in nearly every aspect of production from early development to launch. Seeing the way digital projects are created from the inside has been really valuable and I hope to use these lessons when creating my own work.

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