Jennifer Littlefield

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Basic Information

Name: Jennifer Littlefield
Graduating Class: 2009/2010
Other credentials: Honours Specialist BA English Literature
University of Toronto
Current position: Development Executive at Brain Power Studio
Specialties: Reworking tired creative into something fresh, new and exciting; Spotting the big potential in a small idea; Developing transmedia solutions for single platform properties; Funding applications and negotiating with government organizations; Wrangling small animals
Websites: LinkedIn
Contact: [email protected]


As development executive at Brain Power Studio, Jennifer Littlefield is currently working on several Canadian and international projects. These projects include production for a CBC Kids series, development with Teletoon on a primetime animated series, the launch of an educational media website and online social community for teachers and the development of an internal IP for television, online and licensing.

Since joining Brain Power Studio, Jennifer has worked with the industry’s biggest funding partners, including the Bell Fund, Canadian Media Fund, Harold Greenberg and Rocket Fund, to help grow the company’s capital.  She successfully managed a three day green screen shoot that was monitored by the OSPCA and featured over 65 different small animals. Jennifer also helped raise funds for UNICEF by playing Boy George in the Brain Power Studio recreation of the 1985 video Do They Know It’s Christmas?  

Jennifer has attended leading industry events such as MIPCOM, the KidScreen Summit and the Licensing International Expo.


Why did you choose the Children’s Entertainment Program at Centennial?

It was the only college program that viewed my 10 years of experience watching kids’ TV and movies, reading kids’ books and playing kids’ online games as an asset.

Why were you interested in a career in the children’s media industry?

I was interested in a career in the children’s media industry, because unlike other industries, it doesn’t require heavy lifting or uniforms.

Describe how the Children’s Entertainment Program at Centennial prepared you for working in the industry or on a specific project.

The CEP Program at Centennial prepared me for working in the industry by introducing me to the words “multiplatform” and “transmedia” – which I now use almost every day – and by connecting me with the people who could employ me.

What are three skills that you learned in the program that you use everyday?

Preparing development and production budgets and schedules. Developing multiplatform extensions that make sense for the users and the property. Evaluating creative materials.

What do you like the most about the work you do or the industry area that you work in?

The thing that I like most about the work that I do is that I can apply my creative and business skills in almost equal measure. And there’s no heavy lifting or uniforms.

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