Emily checks out The Percy Jackson book series

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Percy Jackson book series

Percy Jackson book series

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The Percy Jackson book series (5 books)

Why is it cool?
I think the Percy Jackson series is cool for a lot of reasons.

My first reason is because it is about demigods. Demigods are sons and daughters of gods. They have a tonne of exciting adventures.

Also, I loved the illustrations on the covers of the books. They made me wonder about what was inside, and helped me make predictions about the book I was reading.

Another reason why I think Percy Jackson series is cool is because they are full of surprises and you never know what is going to happen next!

When I am reading the Percy Jackson series I just can’t put the book I’m reading down. They are SO intriguing!

Is it educational?
Yes. It teaches kids about the wonderful world of Greek mythology.

Emily’s bio

Kids’ panellist Emily

Kids’ panellist Emily

Hi, I’m Emily and I’m nine years old.

My favourite role model is my mom. My mom is my role model because she cares about me and tries to make me grow up to be mature and independent. My mom is really nice and thoughtful.

My favourite subject is French because my French teacher is really nice and the work we do is fun.

I take piano lessons, dance lessons and was in the choir at my school! Playing the piano is not easy, it takes practice but that is why I love it so much! Dancing isn’t easy either, you have to do lots of hard dance moves like Russian jumps and pirouettes!

Monsters University is my favourite movie because it’s all about friendship and it catches your eye.

Dana (my aunt) is my favourite artist because she works with different materials. I am a good artist also. I work with acrylic paint on canvas.

My favourite television program is The Next Step. It’s a show about dancers. I like it because it shows me how competitive dancers are, and how it affects their dancing.

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