Frank reviews the iPad Triposo travel app for Nebraska

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When kids’ panellist Frank visited Nebraska in July with his family, he found the Triposo iPad travel app to be helpful.

I visited Nebraska in July. I used an iPad Travel Triposo Nebraska app to recommend places that my family should visit. Then we compared our findings to what they said in the app.

Henry Doorly Zoo

The app tells me that it is the “worlds best zoo” and I agree.

The Wild Kingdom Pavillion was so cool. When you walk through, there are bats flying all around you. The app lists the animals you will see here.

In the Desert Dome, all the animals can roam freely, except the poisonous and deadly ones. Under the Desert Dome, you were deep underground and it actually felt like you are in a cave. The app says there are beavers and crocodiles swimming under you, and there were!

At the zoo there’s the Scott Kingdom of the Seas Aquarium. It is similar to Ripley’s aquarium except it is smaller and they are penguins. You can see the penguins underwater swimming. It is so cool.

Verdict: 8/10 — The app was very helpful. It has tons of details and describes the place well.

Gene Leahy Mall or the Mall

In downtown Omaha there’s a park with a huge slide. There is art everywhere with two waterfalls and a pond and lots of catfish.

One evening we went downtown where there were lots of kids going down the slide. The people brought wax paper for the kids to sit on so they can go really fast down the slide. When you go really fast, you can catch a bit of air. I think it was one of the funest things to do in Omaha. It was also free.

Verdict:  4/10 — The app does not tell you how great the place is and how much fun it is for kids.

Is it entertaining, educational or a little of both?

The app is completely educational. It was helpful for me because it listed fun things to do and the maps directed us to the right place. It was a bit wordy for a kid to read. I think it needs more photos and videos.

Frank’s bio

Kids' panellist Frank

Kids’ panellist Frank

My name is Frank. I am eight years old. I have four people in my family: mom, dad, my brother named Angus, and me.

We don’t have a car so we ride our bikes. My favourite place to ride my bike is to the Don Valley. I’m proud that I can cycle up Pottery Road and Beachwood.

My favourite games are Minecraft, Plants vs. Zombies and Dumb Ways to Die.

My favourite sports are soccer and baseball. I play soccer once a week.

My favourite movies are Transformers: Age of Extinction and Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

After school I like to play soccer with my friends.

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