Julia is Enchanted by ‘La La Land’

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La La Land is a movie musical made for dreamers. It’s here to inspire, and put a whimsical smile on your face. With its old fashioned musical feel it’s a movie spectacular that left me mesmerized. As a big fan of movie musicals such as Grease, Singing in the Rain and Across the Universe I knew going into this film that it would be right up my alley. Trust me when I say I am not exaggerating my words that this movie truly took my breath way.  A movie like this only comes once in awhile and is a treasure to see in theatres.

The movie follows the story of  Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), their relationship to each other, and reaching their goals out in the land of dreams, Los Angeles. Both of our protagonists have their own dreams, Mia, an actress, wants to be a star and, Sebastian, a jazz musician,  wishes to open his own club. The movie follows them as they both try and fail and succeed their way through this fantastical tale.

Though both characters have different dreams I think most people would be able to relate to their stories for the simple fact that we all have tried to reach our eventual goals that we have clung to all our lives. It’s the strive to do what we love and to reach that. It’s the thing that our heart has desired to do since we were young. And I think that anyone watching this movie would notice that and be able to relate to it. I certainly felt that way. I came out of the theatre feeling refreshed and inspired to get back on track with achieving my dream. So if you’re a believer, or you just love musicals then I would recommend you go, spend an evening being taken away by this wonderfully stunning film. It awakens the dreamer in us all.

Julia’s bio

Kids’ panellist Julia.

Kids’ panellist Julia.

My name is Julia and I am 17 years old.

A few fun facts about me would be that first off I LOVE music, especially the Beatles and David Bowie. They are the soundtracks to my teenage life. And I would consider David Bowie and Paul McCartney to be a few of my role models.

Another important role model would be my mom as I look up to her in every way. She rocks!

I’m currently attending the 12th grade and some of my favourite subjects would have to be Drama, English and History. Therefore I am a dramatic history nerd who likes to write. I do have to say that I enjoy school. I mean yes there are things they could improve on like the budgets for the arts programs and such, but all in all I feel so lucky to be going to school where I do.

A couple other things I like to do is blog and chat with my friends and send them funny pictures of things I find on my travels through the Internet. I’m also a big documentary watcher as that’s where I find a lot of my internet usage goes to. My favourite ones would have to be about history, but mainly music history.

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