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With most parents concerned with their children using social media, usually articles will pop up about how to keep them safe while on social media. There are also numerous articles about how to become InstaFamous and make money by using social media to develop your brand. However, there are also children who are trying to make a difference using social media. Huffington Post reports that half of the teens who use social media feel as though they now understand what other people are experiencing. 68% of them say the benefits of these social media outweigh any of the risks.

Social media has also changed the way charities will fundraise. 95% of charities have a Facebook page and 83% have Twitter. It’s known that 55% of people who engage with these organizations on social media will donate towards the cause. This is a great and effective tool for boosting revenue and awareness. Children in this generation understand the importance of social media and are well equipped to make use of all the apps at their disposal. There are so many different ways to connect with people to spread positive messages.

One social media warrior is from Toronto, and started her blog when she was 9 years old. Hannah Alper, is now a seasoned writer and blogger. She currently writes for the Huffington Post and works with Me to We. She books speaking engagements and has even given a TED talk! Hannah, now aged 12, has come up with the idea of ‘Kindraising’. She believes doing mini acts of kindness every day makes a big impact in the end. She has over 40k follows on Twitter alone where she promotes her work with various charities, but as of late it’s been spreading

Spread the Net is a challenge initiated by Plan International Canada and sponsored by Rick Mercer. Schools are challenged to raise the most money across Canada to help prevent malaria. One school, Handsworth Secondary School, has taken on this challenge by creating 57 second YouTube videos as every 57 seconds a child dies from Malaria. They even directed one aimed at our current PM – Justin Trudeau and received a letter in reply! They are currently only at their half way goal and are loving the challenge. You can watch and spread their message here:

These are only two examples of the differences that social media can make in spreading awareness. Think of the crisis in Aleppo recently, many influencers took to social media to spread the message of what the city was going through. I’m sure many of you or your friends also took to Facebook or Twitter or even Instagram, to plead with the world to do something. It doesn’t just have to be influencers or those who are Instafamous who spread awareness, every retweet or repost counts towards changing the world. You can make changes without ever leaving your house – just by logging on.

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Rebecca Taylor is currently a student at Centennial College in their publishing program. She’s a former psych major who loves the brain. She recommends Still Alice (the book, obviously) for why she loves the field of neuropsychology and dementia work. She is a huge Disney fan and history nerd. In her spare time, when not reading, she loves walking around her home city of Toronto.

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