Julia Learns What Kids are Doing Online

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From keeping in contact with a friend, to knowing what the weather is going to be the next day, kids these days are constantly immersed in a technological world.

It is interesting to look at the differences between generations. Each have their defining qualities that help separate them from the next. The current generation or “youngest generation” has technology as just that. It is evident in their everyday lives. From keeping in contact with a friend online, to knowing what the weather is going to be the next day, kids these days are constantly immersed in a technological world.

When we ask kids just what it is they are doing with technology, most of the time I find that they are using it to learn and discover things about the world. For example, my younger sister loves to draw and is very talented at it. I also noticed that my younger sister spends a lot of time on YouTube. At first, both my mom and I thought that she was just wasting her time watching some of the brain-numbing content that YouTube has to offer. But when I actually inquired her on what it was she watched, she revealed that she was doing the opposite. She was stimulating her brain and used YouTube as a tool to improve her artistic abilities. She would search for and study videos showcasing things such as “shading techniques” or “how to improve you speed drawing” – things that were beneficial to know for her artistry. Things that 10 years ago she would have had to take a class to learn.

This isn’t the only topic I would like to touch on. Kids aren’t just using technology to enhance their skills. They are also using it to learn more about what is going on in the world.

Have you ever had a moment where you may have been discussing some political issue as adults and had a kid pipe-in with their opinions? Then you just stare in disbelief that the kid is even aware of what is happening? This is a situation I am witnessing more and more as time goes by. Kids are using technology as a way to learn about “adult problems.”

Julia’s bio

Kids’ panellist Julia.

Kids’ panellist Julia.

My name is Julia and I am 17 years old.

A few fun facts about me would be that first off I LOVE music, especially the Beatles and David Bowie. They are the soundtracks to my teenage life. And I would consider David Bowie and Paul McCartney to be a few of my role models.

Another important role model would be my mom as I look up to her in every way. She rocks!

I’m currently attending the 12th grade and some of my favourite subjects would have to be Drama, English and History. Therefore I am a dramatic history nerd who likes to write. I do have to say that I enjoy school. I mean yes there are things they could improve on like the budgets for the arts programs and such, but all in all I feel so lucky to be going to school where I do.

A couple other things I like to do is blog and chat with my friends and send them funny pictures of things I find on my travels through the Internet. I’m also a big documentary watcher as that’s where I find a lot of my internet usage goes to. My favourite ones would have to be about history, but mainly music history.

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