Meme, Myself and I

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Ah, memes – possibly the best thing to happen on the Internet! Who knew that so few words and the perfect picture can bring people from all over the globe together? It seems as though they have become popular overnight… literally, those Caveman Spongebob memes appeared from nowhere, but were everywhere this past summer!

Why are kids so obsessed with memes? Well, there’s a simple answer to this – it is either hilarious to them, or relatable. I sent out a collection of six memes to one fourteen-year-old and one sixteen-year-old, and both of them sent me back these following memes as their top two, which features a weird, white monkey-looking animal and Mr. Bean.

Both of these were the favourites because they are “so true,” as both these teenagers put it. At their age, I find that anything school related is usually retweeted the most because you can’t help but share something that is relevant to your current situation. For example, the bulk of memes that I personally see on my twitter and Facebook pages are all mostly school related, because everyone I’m connected with is still stuck there…I mean, attending.

Also, what’s the deal about a GIF, since we’re on the topic. Fun fact about these: it’s actually pronounced with a ‘j’ (so JIFF) not with a ‘g’ sound! Just so you know, in case you ever need to pronounce it out loud! GIF’s, to put it simply, are like memes but the next step up – they are moving pictures, if you need to think of it that way. Do you want a GIF of Bruno Mars dancing, or do you want one with an embarrassing dancer? Decisions, decisions! Just like memes, GIFs appear out of almost nowhere and they can sometimes be popular for a long time. I find that memes are the way to go for public posts, and GIFs are more incorporated into private messages (Facebook does, after all, have a GIF option in messenger and you can see which GIFs are trending for that day).

I personally favour memes, and I like to think that they are the best thing that the internet has to offer. It can explain so much more to your followers than a 140-character tweet can. With teenagers and a large amount of younger kids having access to social media platforms, their voices have a huge impact on what becomes a trending topic. So always be attentive to what’s being talked about, and chances are you will never miss a popular meme again. Total #internetgoals met!

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Maria Zuppardi

Maria Zuppardi is currently in the Publishing: Book, Magazine, and Electronic Program at Centennial College. She graduated June 2016 with a B.A. Honours in English.

She is sassy yet sweet, with an infinite love for her shih-tzu/poodle mix dog, TiDomi. Maria considers herself the social media queen of Twitter, and the way to her heart is through coffee and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

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