To Post or Not to Post: Baby Edition

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Do you remember the days when everyone was nervous about posting baby pictures online? Parents were warning the new generation of parents not to post photos on social media of their new kids. But with technology running rampant these days, people are posting whatever they like. As I’ve gotten older I see more and more of my friends posting pictures of their adorable offspring. I’m scrolling through Facebook thinking: have they forgotten these warnings?

small kids walkingParents had good reasons to heed warnings. The latest news reports of digital kidnapping, wherein people will repost a child’s pictures online and create new identities for them and claim the photos as their own, sound terrifying, right? Melanie, a young Torontonian mom, says that her mother was ‘concerned’ about posting photos. Though she loves receiving photos of her granddaughter, she worries, as people see photos and are quick to think of the worst possible scenario.

Melanie said that while she was pregnant, she didn’t want to post pictures because she was worried what others would think. After her daughter, ELSA, was born, she said she was so overwhelmed with love and joy she wanted to share with the world what had given her so much love. She says, “I don’t limit how many photos I put up of ELSA. It just depends on what I’m doing that day with her and if it’s worth posting at the time.”

Another dad says that he posts photos of his son because he is proud of him and he wants to share that with his family and friends that have not met him. Although, this same dad was never told not to post pictures of his son on social media.

It seems as though they haven’t forgotten what their parents have said, they just choose to ignore it because they want to show their loved ones what they are so proud of. I can definitely understand the appeal of posting pictures of their new arrivals. The love and joy shown in these pictures are a definite contrast to the pettiness, jealousy, and mean-spiritedness we can see online on a day-to-day basis. The children bring peace and innocence to the online world.

So, what to do in this new age of social media? Of course, you want to show your loved ones your pride and joy. However, safety for your child is your first concern. If you do choose to post pictures of your kids (which everyone will love!), be wary of posting any specific details that could be used to steal identities. Some experts suggest even using a nickname for your child online so that in the future, employers would not have access to your child’s baby photos. Finally, be careful with tagging locations – for obvious reasons. Be proud, but post wisely!

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Rebecca Taylor is currently a student at Centennial College in their publishing program. She’s a former psych major who loves the brain. She recommends Still Alice (the book, obviously) for why she loves the field of neuropsychology and dementia work. She is a huge Disney fan and history nerd. In her spare time, when not reading, she loves walking around her home city of Toronto.

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