Levelling Up: How Prodigy Makes Learning the Loot

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Many kid’s games on both mobile and desktop incorporate curriculum elements to advocate learning concepts. There’s a bit of a paralysis of choice right now – games that teach early literacy, mathematics, or science populate pretty much every app marketplace or game website. The question of their appropriateness or suitability to the curriculum is a big question. As it stands now, there’s a lot of discussion and debate surrounding how kid’s games should incorporate curriculum into their content.

One game that’s been at the forefront of curriculum-based content for teachers, parents, and kids especially, has been Prodigy Math GameLet’s look at how:

Prodigy Math Game is an educational desktop game built around math curriculum between Grades 1 to 8. Self-described as “curriculum-aligned”, Prodigy incorporates solving math problems and learning math concepts delivered in a gamified world where players can create their own character and adventure through a game filled with objectives and challenges.

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