Dean’s Welcome: Carpe Diem!

Nate Horowitz, DeanOver the last five years, every time I met with children’s entertainment industry members or educators engaged in children’s media and learning, it became apparent that what was missing in Canada was a children’s entertainment and media centre whose focus was to work with the industry and educators alike.

Having dreamt and declared this centre into being, I wanted to support the industry in its research for better children’s entertainment. At the same time, I envisioned a centre that educators and children’s developmental experts could use as a major resource to research and study children’s interactions – and learning – with media.

Centennial’s kidsmediacentre is a think tank focused in what some may see as two opposing directions: entertainment and media impact on children. The apparent dissonance of these two areas is not as apparent as some would think. There are definite connections: i.e. at the centre of it is the child’s own entertainment and potential for learning.

Carpe Diem!Indeed, research in understanding these connections and the emerging trends in children’s media content and delivery will be a key focus for the kidsmediacentre. Our hope is that you will take the time to understand the child behind the business of media and join us for our upcoming labs, workshops and conferences.

The kidsmediacentre is available for producers in the children’s entertainment industry who want to create high quality content internationally and for educators who want to ensure that children receive the best entertainment and learning possible.

The wait is over! The kidsmediacentre can provide this support and development for you.

Nate Horowitz
Dean, Story Arts Centre, Centennial College @storyartscentre