Who We Are

The kidsmediacentre brings many years of insight and rich perspective to the discussion of kids and media. As researchers, we’re endlessly curious about the attitudes and behaviours driving this digital generation’s swipes and clicks. In a world of instant rewards, UGC and leveling up, we investigate the complex web of influences that lead children on a magical and sometimes bumpy journey through today’s multiplatform entertainment landscape.

Our collective experience as researchers, educators, producers, writers and childhood development specialists gives us tremendous perspective into the thousands of websites, games, books and television shows that populate children’s lives. As on-demand consumers of new media, children have more control and choice than ever before as they curate, produce and design their own media experience. As content producers, that requires agility and potent, original stories and ideas. Is your childrens’ entertainment property sufficiently epic to make the grade?

This new kid-curated media landscape demands creative new research methodologies, new conversations and new ways to explore children’s media experiences. That means talking to kids in their sandbox in flexible and inspiring new ways. The kidsmediacentre is excited about the possibilities and committed to helping the kids’ creative industry produce exciting new content for children.

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