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Welcome to the kidsmediacentre blog!

Nov 22, 2011   //   by   //   The Director's Chair  //  Comments Off on Welcome to the kidsmediacentre blog!


 We’ve got lots to say about kids’ media futures, so we hope you’ll come back often. The “we” I refer to is the kids’ community here at Centennial College’s School of Communications Media and Design in Toronto. The voices you’ll read in this space include the kidsmediacentre director (me!), the oh-so-brilliant coordinator of the Children’s Entertainment Program (Suzanne), our amazing faculty, graduate students, current students, parents, educators, guest “luminaries” and of course kids!

Together, we will ponder, plumb, analyze, celebrate, debate, decode and deconstruct media that is created for and targeted to kids. We will introduce you to new content and share perspectives through our monthly themes and conversations. We are a mixed audience of children’s media reviewers and content creators, so I can promise you a diversity of opinion. The common thread (if I may speak for “we”) is an endless fascination with the way children’s media, entertainment and digital content shapes children: Some of it for the better, some of it for the worse. In the middle of all that content, are children, who clearly make this blogspot an important hub for discussion.

(Photo courtesy of the Kids Media Centre)

Here’s our handles and who you can look forward to reading in the day’s ahead:

From the Director’s Chair: Debbie Gordon, Director, kidsmediacentre
Entertain This!: Suzanne Wilson, Coordinator, Children’s Entertainment Program
Faculty Forum: Faculty from the Children’s Entertainment Program
Gradu-savvy-vants: Centennial College graduates
Student POV: Current Centennial College students
Luminary-ans: Guest bloggers
The Parent Perspective: Guest parents
Edu-speak: Guest teachers




About Us

Media offers a world of entertainment and learning possibilities for children and youth. The kidsmediacentre explores kids' media futures and is committed to supporting cross-platform content producers in Canada to ensure the kids' media industry is vibrant, indigenous and committed to the healthy growth of children. @storyartscentre