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Salmah checks out Moshi Monsters

Feb 19, 2011   //   by Salmah   //   Age 4-8, Kids' Panel  //  Comments Off on Salmah checks out Moshi Monsters

Check this out!
Moshi Monsters

Why it’s cool…
It is cool because you can have baby pets and big pets. You get to solve puzzles (like math problems) that get you points so you can “buy” stuff for your pets. You also get to make friends with other pet monster owners. All of my cousins have an account and we all chat and play online together.

Is it entertaining, educational or a little of both?
It is both entertaining and educational. The puzzles are fun to do and sometimes they are timed. The puzzles also get harder as you complete them and you can collect “trophies” for solving the puzzles.


Ian checks out God of War III

Feb 19, 2011   //   by Ian   //   Age 16-19, Kids' Panel  //  Comments Off on Ian checks out God of War III
God of War III

God of War III

For my first review, I will be reviewing the Playstation 3 video game God of War III.

Though somewhat lacking in plot in contrast to the previous two in the series, God of War III is still phenomenal due to its amazing gameplay and new additions to the ever-expanding list of combat moves and weapons.

The innovative combat style, which has become an iconic characteristic of the series, is thus far unparalleled in the world of video games and is able to remain so due to the impressive fluidity of the game’s primary weapons, the “Blades of Exile.” Besides sounding cool, this interesting set of chained blades is a perfect match for the game’s tormented protagonist, Kratos. In the parlance of our times, Kratos is a “badass” and should be recognised as such.

Furthermore, the game is set in ancient Greece among the Gods and Titans and is played through third-person combat.

Besides the captivating series of mazes and puzzles the player must navigate through, God of War III is an exceptionally good way to relieve stress through the merciless yet passionate slaughter of mythological Greek monsters.


Madison checks out

Feb 19, 2011   //   by Madison   //   Age 16-19, Kids' Panel  //  Comments Off on Madison checks out

Check out this website:

Why it’s cool:
This website is extremely witty and virtually anybody can contribute to it. Each entry consists of a one-line address to “someone or something” that may amuse, irk, bug or enrage a person. It is then generally followed by a highly entertaining punch line and then signed sincerely by the “author”. Here’s a great example:

Dear student,
I have your life. If you ever want to see it again, you will bring me $40,000. You must additionally work as my unpaid servant for four years.
Sincerely, college

I would be hard pressed to say it’s appropriate for younger children, especially because it has a tone similar to the vastly popular website Texts From Last Night. This website is pure entertainment and full of ironic snippets of life’s lessons learned the hard way. I would definitely recommend this website, but be forewarned, it is quite addictive and can be an incredible time suck.


Matthew checks out The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cave men from the Future

Feb 19, 2011   //   by Matthew   //   Age 4-8, Kids' Panel  //  Comments Off on Matthew checks out The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cave men from the Future
The Adventures of Ook and Gluk

The Adventures of Ook and Gluk

The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cave men from the Future
by Dav Pilkey
Publisher: Scholastic

“Ook” rhymes with “duke” and “Gluk” rhymes with “duck”

Why it’s Cool:
I like Ook and Gluk because that’s one of the best books to me. The book has Flip-O-Rama and the master is really stupid and the Cavemen are really funny. In the book Ook and Gluk are Kung Fu cavemen. But the others are not Kung Fu cavemen. I also like it because Ook and Gluk do fun and silly things. When they were babies, they found a big tiger and they were making fun of it. The tiger got really mad at them. Ook and Gluk also got chased by a gorilla because they called him names like “twinkle toes” and “ginger snap”. They were calling the gorilla names because they were trying to get Mog Mog out of quicksand. Mog Mog is a dinosaur. Ook and Gluk also made some robotic dinosaurs run into a giant bucket filled with TNT. It went boom! Mog Mog’s baby drew pictures of Ook and Gluk shaking their bums.

Is it entertaining, educational or a little of both?
Definitely both because on the website the author teaches you how to draw: Dav’s “How 2 Draw” Studio!


Armaan checks out the Sony Reader

Feb 13, 2011   //   by Armaan   //   Age 9-15, Kids' Panel  //  Comments Off on Armaan checks out the Sony Reader
Sony Reader

Sony Reader

Why is it so cool?
The Sony Reader is cool because you can download thousands of books in it. You can also go to Ebay and buy a set of DVD’s with about 25,000 books on different topics in it. It has many features such as a built in dictionary so you can checkout any thing while reading and a stylist for easy search. It is very slim. You can make notes while reading. It also has a Drawing pad. Perfect for people who loves reading. Best part is, it has a paper like display and ink so it doesn’t harm your eyes. Sony has the only one yet with touch screen, which makes it different from other Ebooks.

Is it educational or entertaining?
It is a little bit of both, though it depends on the book you download. You can get titles from Religion, Fiction, nonfiction, Science, Biography, Travel and many more….. Most religious books include phrases from the Quran and Bible. They are translated in English. Best part is, you can go to Toronto Public Library on line and borrow eBooks from their on any topic you like. It is so convenient to have 1000 plus books on you in a cool little gadget.

Check it out at

Bella checks out deviantART

Feb 13, 2011   //   by Bella   //   Age 9-15, Kids' Panel  //  Comments Off on Bella checks out deviantART
<a href="" target="_blank">Pencil Vs Camera &#8211; 30 by `BenHeine</a>
Pencil Vs Camera – 30 by `BenHeine on deviantART

deviantART is a great site for artists of all ages to exhibit and talk about their work. People from all over the world have posted amazing works of art.

deviantART is not just drawings. It also includes photography, animation, literature, stamps and you can see clothes and even shoes people have made.

The great thing is that you don’t need to be an actual artist to join — you just need the passion. Most artwork has a “buy option” so if you want an artist to draw a picture for you, they can. This is called a commission. Everything is monitored by deviantART so there should be no worries about getting the money to the artist.

There are also loads of free tutorials if you want to practice or improve your skills.


Tori checks out Yogi Bear

Jan 14, 2011   //   by Tori   //   Age 4-8, Kids' Panel  //  Comments Off on Tori checks out Yogi Bear
Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear

I went to see the new Yogi Bear movie last weekend with my mom and big brother. It was AWESOME.

Why it’s cool…
It was so funny when Yogi got the car and the rope and hook, and stole all the picnic baskets.

I also liked it when he went on the waterskiis, then fell down, then caught on fire, then he lit all the fireworks. That was funny.

It was gross when the slimy caterpillar came out of his nose.

It was cool when Yogi was in outer space and he had a giant donut.

And I liked it every time he danced with Boo Boo.

Is it entertaining? Is it educational? Or a little of both?
I think the movie is entertaining. But I also learned that there is such a thing as a frog-mouthed turtle, and it is bad to steal picnic baskets.


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