“Applying” our student’s talent to your children’s production

Partnering children’s producers with Centennial students…..

….applied research offers companies access to a large pool of cross disciplinary students with expertise in game design and engineering, social media, graphic and media art design, children’s writing, production and management, early childhood development, interactive digital media and more. By partnering with Centennial, we can introduce you to students who are innovative thinkers, offer fresh youthful perspective and have that all-important entrepreneurial drive.

Additionally, the applied research process matches industry partners with faculty who are experts in their field, providing guidance, mentorship and oversight to students throughout the project. From a student’s perspective, applied research provides real world, experiential learning opportunities by bringing them together with faculty, staff, and community partners giving them, hard, on-the-ground job-ready skills.

Importantly, “applied” research and development skills can be tapped through innovative partnerships, internships or government grants.

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