Applied – Consulting on Kids’ Projects

Centennial College can offer student and faculty research and development support outside of the formal grant application process. Some examples:

Nearly Naked Animals

Twitter: @NarwhalStudents and faculty in the Public Relations program at Centennial helped 9 Story Entertainment with the social media launch of this exciting new international property.

Putting Almost Naked Animals on Social Media

Is social media a viable option for a production company to launch a new animated children’s series? That’s the question a group of Centennial College students explored as part of a joint research project between Centennial’s School of Business, School of Communications, Media, Arts & Design and Toronto-based production company, 9 Story Entertainment.

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Giant Step Inc.

Students in the Interactive New Media joint program with University of Toronto helped digital media marketing company Giant Step with the design of seeral interactive websites and modules that enable kids to have their own web communities through user generated content.

If you have a children’s product or property that you think offers a fit with Centennial College’s creative and digital focus, contact us at the kidsmediacentre. @storyartscentre