Methodologies & Strategic Planning

Kid-Seeding: child exploratories and focus groups…

Do you have an animated series or web activity you’re germinating but need context and kid perspective?

We explore media from a young person’s point of view to better understand the perspectives and needs of children. Richer than traditional focus groups, we bring together teams of children in youth friendly spaces to share, deconstruct and demonstrate their media usage and attitudes.

Mashinations: experiential product assessments…

Methodologies and Strategic PlanningWe move into the comfort and familiarity of the classroom for this ethnographic research approach to help assess your media project’s creativity, educational potential and the all-important fun factor. Importantly, we harness their creativity and critical perspective to optimize your project’s intellectual and emotional impact with youth.

But Does it Blend? usability/playability….

The kidsmediacentre’s user experience testing will provide a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your game design and provide meaningful data to help maximize gameplay and enjoyment.

Thought Ballooning: idea generation and concept development….

Thought Ballooning is a broad based exploratory approach where we inspire kids to think big! Whether you want to explore themes and storylines around, say, the environment and technology or identify the building blocks of true friendship and healthy living, children are wonderful sounding boards and a wellspring of ideas.

The Family Dynamic

Bringing gatekeepers on board at an early stage ensures you have the all-important parent perspective. At younger ages, children consistently tell us that their favourite media experiences are those shared with their parents and family members. These fun, all-family gatherings allow us to workshop properties and ideas in a creative forum allowing families to explore, share and debate what works and what doesn’t.

Strategic Planning

Basic Intelligence: From literature to competitive reviews: we out wiki-Wikipedia

If you’re thinking about launching a new on-line comic maker you could Google “comic maker “and go with the top four keyword search returns. But if you want to explore a concept and require an intelligent, in-depth business backgrounder cross-referenced to academic literature and current research findings, we can help. Working with all-star graduates, we combine our academic research skills with our business and marketing acumen so you have the necessary strategic foundation to make informed business building decisions.

Know your Audience

Children are a complex audience.

Sifting through the reams of data, research and latest information on youth targets can be daunting yet every content producer and marketer knows that the very best stories, characters and entertainment properties are rooted in a thorough and exhaustive review of your audience. We can help you get close to your customer, providing the latest source information, studies and trends on kids…. key influences in their lives, the world as they see it and the complex web of behavioural and emotional drivers. @storyartscentre