Research Consultancy

The kidsmediacentre at Centennial College’s School of Communication, Media and Design is a new research centre focused on helping content producers develop quality entertainment and media for children. Whether you’re developing a game, TV pilot, e-book or virtual world, the kidsmediacentre understands children and the business of children’s entertainment.

Like today’s kids, we approach all research with an open mind and a creative sense of adventure. We believe cookie cutter research (think: boardroom tables and chairs) cannot begin to tap the potential children have for authentic sharing and creative exploration. We opt for dynamic and nimble exploratory approaches and environments that optimize children’s higher order thinking skills -analyzing, evaluating and creating – and empower them to help curate rich entertainment and media experiences.

We work with Child Development Experts at Centennial’s ECE Labs

When and where appropriate, we also have the unique ability to work with our Early Childhood Labs to ensure the entertainment and educational value of your children’s content is engaging and developmentally appropriate. When necessary, we bring in local research experts to help guide the investigative process.

Full Research Management and Oversight

The kidsmediacentre can help manage all stages of qualitative research from design, execution and moderation to analysis and presentation of final reports. Working with multiple faculties – Children’s Entertainment, Game Design, Marketing, Public Relations – we bring a brand-building sensibility and discipline to the children’s content development process to help you make smarter, more clearly informed decisions.

Importantly, our research is moderated by a team of children’s media experts with enormous depth in children’s cross platform entertainment and proven track records in analyzing and evaluating research data. @storyartscentre