Student Testimonials

Here’s what Centennial students are saying about their kidsmediacentre research experience:

“My time at the kidsmediacentre has proven invaluable to my success in the children’s entertainment industry. The research I was a part of, and the contacts I made during my time in field, opened so many doors for me. Most notably, my time at the kmc immensely prepared me for my current position at Radical Sheep.

“The work Debbie and team do at the kidsmediacentre makes a difference in our field and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it.”

Kayla McNally • Radical Sheep Productions

“I’m so fortunate to have worked with the kidsmediacentre (KMC) as their research assistant on Loopy Logic. I can confidently say that I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience from my time there.

“My supervisor, Debbie Gordon, made sure to include me in every aspect of the process so I could apply and gain new insight on what I learned from my education. I got the opportunity to help prepare an REB submission, coordinate play-test sessions, as well as take part in writing and presenting the final research report and deliverables to our clients. Debbie served as a valuable asset throughout the whole process, answering my questions and providing much appreciated feedback and advice. I look forward to using the skills I’ve sharpened in this position throughout my career, and if given the chance, would be happy to work with the KMC again in the future!”

—Henrika Luong • Children’s Media Graduate, E-One Entertainment

“The kidsmediacentre at Centennial College was an integral piece in my learning and career path in Children’s Entertainment. The opportunity to work with real projects within the industry gave me the chance to meet, network, and gain experience within the field which ultimately led to my current job at Kids’ CBC.

“Debbie Gordon presented a variety of projects for students to learn from alongside their studies in Children’s Entertainment. These opportunities were fuelled by Debbie’s passion and expertise in kids’ media and I am thankful for this extension of learning. It is the perfect match for the Children’s Media program.”

Cheri Sliz • Associate Producer, Kids’ CBC Digital

“As a new student in the Children’s Media program I remember being excited and anxious to find my place in the industry. With a degree in psychology and a strong passion for accessibility and inclusion, I knew I wanted to create media for the health and wellness of kids of all abilities. Luckily for me, after learning about the innovative research taking place within the kidsmediacentre, I was honoured to join Debbie and her team on a project that combined all of my passions. I was thrilled to be able to work with real clients from industry where I had the opportunity to learn about both the development process of a health application, and all the research that is required to assure quality and effectiveness of the application.

“Working on this project not only taught me research methodology, but also opened my eyes to what I could do and who I could help with my unique skill set.

“My work at the kmc eventually lead me to my current role as Kids’ Media Specialist in the Possibility Engineering and Research Lab (PEARL), at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital where I use my knowledge of research and development to create media for children of disabilities.

“I am continuously grateful for Debbie’s mentorship and partnership and strongly encourage other students to connect with the kmc if they are looking to gain valuable work experience that would be beneficial to any career path.”

—Maritza Basaran • Children’s Media Graduate, Holland Bloorview

“A graduate in 2013 from the 3-year advertising and marketing communications program, I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie Gordon and the honour of being invited to work with her and the kidsmediacentre in my second year at Centennial College. Since then, I have worked with several diverse clients through the KMC under her guidance and mentorship, and each time have been proud and fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be a part of a project that positively influences and informs future generations of young people.

“The kidsmediacentre allowed me to hone the many skills learned during my time at Centennial, gaining invaluable, ‘real’ industry experience and exposure and establishing important professional contacts in the media industry.

“There truly hasn’t been one job interview where my involvement with the KMC and connection to Debbie herself wasn’t noticed. People from all corners of the media industry, not limited to children’s entertainment, recognize and respect the good work the KMC has done. Having that quality of work experience at the top of my resume has, and will continue to be, an honour and a privilege – a true ‘Golden Ticket’ into a competitive and challenging industry.

“I will always be extremely grateful to Debbie and the kidsmediacentre for giving me my first shot, fresh out of the gate, when graduates are struggling to find work or crossing their fingers that an internship will pay off. But mostly, I want to thank her for always taking an active and personal interest in my growth and professional progress and continuing to be a phone call away when advice, a vent or just a friendly chat is needed.”

—Lara Neumann • Freelance Advertising Consulting

From International Student to Information Systems Manager in a Canadian Organization

“After completing International Business Management from Centennial College, I had the pleasure of working as the project manager and lead researcher with Debbie Gordon and the kidsmediacentre on an innovation project that helped a Canadian business to commercialize its product within the local Canadian market and also on a global level.

“Debbie hired a strong team with well­diversified talents and qualifications in accordance with the project specifications. Her professional approach, timely guidance, and support empowered me to manage the team and achieve the desired results. As a result, we developed a highly competitive commercialization plan that has influenced the success of the Canadian business. Her willingness to share knowledge and experience, and show remarkable commitment to the project inspired me and the team. She ensured that we contributed our best to the project and honed our employability skills in the process.

“For instance, when we had to conduct research interviews of key influencers and industry experts around the world including Canada, her business expertise helped us organize the interview process compatible for each market and conduct them with great efficiency and professionalism. These experts even offered to partner up with the Canadian business. She helped us devise and optimize key business strategies for the Canadian business to succeed in both local and global markets. Moreover, she ensured we developed a strong work culture and business practices and values.

“Finally, I would commend and thank Debbie and the kidsmediacentre for enabling me to build a growing career in Canada. As an international student, I had to refine my employability skills to be ready for Canadian labor market. I had to understand the nuances of Canadian work culture and communication practices. Debbie not only taught me how to develop these required skills but was also genuinely interested in my career aspirations. She directly contributed to my growth through constant productive feedback and teaching. I would say she has helped me transition from school to a successful employment by being a great teacher and mentor. Right now, I work as an Information Systems Manager in a Canadian IT company and manage several software projects to construct and expand information technology infrastructures for Canadian businesses.”

Jayapriya Narayanan • Information Systems Manager, DevBBQ Inc.

“The kidsmediacentre at Centennial College played an invaluable part in my professional development in children’s entertainment.

“Upon graduation from the “Children’s Entertainment” post-graduate program, I was hired as part of an Applied Research grant (FedDev) to play a key role as an Illustrator and UX Designer in one of the kidsmediacentre’s funded projects, “The World of Pia”. The hardest part about being a new graduate is getting your foot in the door to gain employment in your chosen industry.

“The kidsmediacentre and Debbie Gordon not only helped me overcome this first obstacle by quickly putting my newly learned skills to work, but also helped instill confidence that I was finally on the career path I had so long desired. Thank you kidsmediacentre!”

—Deryk Ouseley • Freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Art Director

“While studying at Centennial College I had the opportunity to work on many graphic design projects with the kidsmediacentre, which at the beginning of my career really helped me understand client-designer relationships. I had the chance to expand the knowledge of my field and gain hands-on practice and experience that contributed to the skills and abilities that brought me to where I am today.”

Cesar Ojeda • New Media Design Associate at CAMH (Centre of Addiction and Mental Health)

“The kidsmediacentre hired me for a grant-funded project it was managing to fine-tune a role- playing game’s marketing strategy and research opportunities/options for expanding it globally.  Debbie Gordon brought a wealth of expertise to lead this project. Under Debbie’s leadership, we explored multiple opportunities/options to localize the game, secure partners and distributors from a range of regions and find cost-effective solutions to take the game global. After recently graduating from Centennial’s Interactive Media Management program, working with the kidsmedicacentre gave me a great opportunity to learn more about digital games and kids’ media, as well as gain practical experience in using analytics to inform strategy, at a global level.”

—Leslie Hetherington @storyartscentre