Industry Testimonials

Here’s what our clients and industry partners are saying about their kidsmediacentre experience:

LongStory“Working with the kidsmediacentre is always a wise choice strategically as well as a pleasure from an interpersonal standpoint. Debbie Gordon and her team are smart, skilled researchers and excellent presenters. I have learned more working with them than I have with any other consultancy. I believe it’s the breadth of expertise and the ability to execute with an eye to market success that makes them a key member of both the academic and private sector.”

—Miriam Verburg • Owner & Executive Producer, Bloom Digital – LongStory

Spin Master“We have worked with Deb Gordon and the kidsmediacentre for several years and she and her team of students are very trusted research partners. Debbie has a deep understanding of children, their motivators and perceptions and has worked with us on Paw Patrol, Rusty Rivets, Little Charmers and Abby Hatcher.”

—Arwen Hunter • Director, Research and Consumer Insights, Spin Master

TIFF“Centennial College’s kidsmediacentre – led by the intrepid Debbie Gordon – is a crown jewel in the Canadian kids media research and production ecosphere. As the Director of TIFF Kids, one of the world’s largest children’s film and media festivals (50K visitors annually), I cannot overstate the importance of the mission, vision and hard work of the kidsmediacentre team and student body. In a world where mind-bogglingly rapid (and commercially driven) technological development is stretching the boundaries of what it means to be ‘media literate’, the critical perspectives and industry collaborations fostered here provide a vital service to all those struggling to keep up. The TIFF Kids team rely on (and are most grateful for) their expertise in helping us make informed selections regarding digital content; develop media literacy activities; and stay connected to producers through their myriad industry connections.”

—Elizabeth Muskala • Director, TIFF Kids

Bloorview Research Institute“Our collaboration with Debbie Gordon, Director of the kidsmediacentre, and Bohdan Ruzycky, Digital Visual Effects Coordinator and Professor at Centennial College brought to life our ambitious vision and desire to create child-friendly video games to support physical therapy in an enjoyable way. The Centennial College team provided high-quality expertise through their many talented students and alumni from their Game Art and Design, Interactive Media Management and Fine Arts program. The enthusiasm, dedication, and drive of the team was unparalleled and we were continually blown away by their creative output.

“The insights of the team were vital in our efforts to create an interactive experience that, while feeling like a mainstream game, achieved specific therapy goals unique to our application for children with disabilities. The Centennial College team was also quick to understand what we were looking for, as well as the specialized needs of our target audience. Our collaboration with Centennial College was extremely rewarding not only for us, but for the many children that we serve, and enabled us to create a series of games that are now being used and enjoyed by children in rehabilitation clinics at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.”

—Elaine Biddiss, PhD, PEng
• Scientist, Bloorview Research Institute, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
• Assistant Professor, Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto

NDi Media“Research played an essential role in the development of a unique NDi project focused on the well-being of young children and their families. The thoughtfulness and consideration brought to bear by Debbie Gordon and the kidsmediacentre team, and in particular the insights highlighted in the research reports, allowed us to improve the focus and strengthen the effectiveness of our app. Throughout the course of a year, we collaborated on the research, built and tested our prototype and conducted a thorough investigation on its feasibility.

“The dedication and experience of the leadership at kidsmediacentre in understanding and exploring the inner experience of children and media is an inspiration. We have learned so much and appreciate the opportunity to have worked with you. Thank you.”

—Neil Smolar • CEO and Executive Producer, NDi Media

Yowza! Animation“It has truly been a pleasure working with Debbie Gordon and the kidsmediacentre over the past year, focus testing two of our preschool properties. Although each property was distinctly different, with diverse origins and unique approaches, the kidsmediacentre was able to help us unify our vision for future approaches in developing properties.

“Their collaborative process was a welcome opportunity for us, as producers, to step outside what can at times be a secluded development process and bring fresh, informed eyes to our projects. The kmc works exceptionally well with the preschool community, and young audiences, to gather and assess information and present it back to producers in an honest and concise manner.

“Working with information garnered from the focus testing process with the kmc, our projects went from good to great and our knowledge about how to really make programming that addresses our audience was greatly expanded.

“We are excited about working with the kidsmediacentre on our future projects, in all demographics, and value their input as a partner in our development process.”

—Heather Walker • Owner/Producer, Yowza!

“The kidsmediacentre offers a uniquely valuable research resource, as they tap groups of kids from their childcare lab school and other ECE partners that span the preschool, kindergarten ages and older. For the project I was involved with, it was particularly helpful for the creators and the production partners to be able to see first-hand how children of different ages perceived and appreciated the stories and characters.

“In addition, because Debbie has so much experience with this audience, she is especially qualified to tailor the research to meet the specific needs of the project.  It’s very difficult to ensure that kids are going to give you the response you need, but because of the experience of the team at the kidsmediacentre, they know how to best present the material and ask the questions that are going to give their clients the most informative and helpful answers.”

—Kate Barris • Writer

TVOKids“Any experienced and successful Children’s Producer knows you need to constantly go back to your audience. The kidsmediacentre knows the value of research and testing a property to make sure it’s striking the right chord. We have been connected to two kmc research properties and in both cases the content benefited greatly from their in-depth analysis and insight.”

—Pat Ellingson • Former Creative Head, TVOkids

Digital Wizards“Working with Debbie and the kidsmediacentre was an excellent experience. The knowledge base that was brought to the focus testing was exceptional, kmc’s rapport and ease when working with children during our testing and the final research report all exceeded our expectations. I would work with the kidsmediacentre again in an instant!”

Diane Williamson • President, Digital Wizards Inc.

9 Story“As producers, we utilized the services of Debbie Gordon and the kidsmediacentre to spearhead focus groups during the development process of one of our pre-school shows. Needless to say, Debbie’s research proved invaluable. The results of the study allowed us to better define our market, identify the glitches that needed work, and understand the rapidly changing trends and viewing habits of our target demographic. I could not recommend the kidsmediacentre and its research program more highly.”

—Liliana Vogt • Former VP, Development, 9 Story

Breakthrough Entertainment“The kidsmediacentre’s usability study on the Think Big Invention Machine helped us assess the game’s difficulty level and whether we had accomplished our goal of communicating core science concepts to the players.”

—Dorothy Vreeker • Digital Media Director, Breakthrough Entertainment @storyartscentre