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Levelling Up: How Prodigy Makes Learning the Loot

Jul 7, 2017   //   by   //   Community Blog  //  Comments Off on Levelling Up: How Prodigy Makes Learning the Loot

Many kid’s games on both mobile and desktop incorporate curriculum elements to advocate learning concepts. There’s a bit of a paralysis of choice right now – games that teach early literacy, mathematics, or science populate pretty much every app marketplace or game website. The question of their appropriateness or suitability to the curriculum is a big question. As it stands now, there’s a lot of discussion and debate surrounding how kid’s games should incorporate curriculum into their content.

One game that’s been at the forefront of curriculum-based content for teachers, parents, and kids especially, has been Prodigy Math GameLet’s look at how:


Jolie checks out Prodigy Math Game

Mar 12, 2015   //   by Jolie   //   Age 4-8, Kids' Panel  //  Comments Off on Jolie checks out Prodigy Math Game

Check this out: Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game

A friend recently introduced me to the Prodigy Math Game, which is an online game. You can sign up for the free version, or pay a monthly membership fee to get extras. We use the free version. When you create your account you can choose what grade you are in. That way is starts at the proper level.

In the game, you are a wizard and you have to scare away the monsters or bad guys. The game asks you a math question when you are in a battle. When you get the question right, you’re one step closer to scaring the monsters away. If you get it wrong, you lose a turn or you may get to try again. You can customize your wizard and your wizard’s name. My wizard’s name is Madison Frostsinger. You can also get pets – if you are in a battle and you want the animal which you are battling, you can catch them. Ponies are the rarest pets. You can also learn different spells if you successfully complete quests!

At the end of each battle, you get one step closer to the next level. As you move up levels, the questions get harder and harder.

Check it out at

Is it entertaining, educational or a little of both?

It’s both fun and educational because you get to play a game and practice math!


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