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What’s with All the Live-Action Remakes?

Aug 4, 2017   //   by   //   Community Blog  //  Comments Off on What’s with All the Live-Action Remakes?

Turning classic animated kid stories into live-action films and TV shows is a trend that’s here to stay. From Beauty and the Beast to Riverdale, live-action retellings are a hit.

Partly, that’s a result of the technology available to filmmakers today. Live-action movies can rely on special effects and still look like real life. Just think of 2016’s The Jungle Book – watching the film it’s easy to believe that Mowgli, played by kid actor Neel Sethi, swims and converses with a bear named Baloo. The seamless combination of live-action and CGI in The Jungle Book would not have been possible 10 years ago. But the technology is just part of what drives the making of live-action adaptations.

In the clip above, Mowgli and Baloo sing together in a scene that looks convincingly real.


Angus Finds Adventure in The Jungle Book!

Jul 20, 2016   //   by Angus   //   Age 4-8, Kids' Panel  //  Comments Off on Angus Finds Adventure in The Jungle Book!

Check this out:

My grandad took me to a movie, it was The Jungle Book. It is about a little boy, Mogli, who grew up in and lives in the jungle.

When Mogli was little, a lion killed his dad when he was out hunting and Mogli was left alone in the jungle. The good animals took him and looked after him. And now he lives by himself in the jungle.

Why it’s cool:

Mogli is amazing, he jumps from tree to tree and swings far on vines. The animals love him.

But the bad part is when the tiger who hates humans decides he wants Mogli out of the jungle.

Is this entertaining, educational, or both?

It is fun! I liked this movie a lot. I would rate it 9/10. I love animals and they were funny. I heard it’s a book, I want to read that book.


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