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Lessons from ‘Little Lunch’

May 12, 2017   //   by   //   Community Blog  //  Comments Off on Lessons from ‘Little Lunch’

We need more shows like Little Lunch.

In a Saturday morning TV landscape dominated by kid crime fighters, genius inventors, and superheroes, Little Lunch provides a refreshing focus on regular kids.

The Australian television series is set at recess. It features six kids who look and sound like kids you would find in any schoolyard. They experience the common highs and lows of being 10 years old.

There’s the episode when Melanie and Tamara explore friendship while battling for exclusive use of the monkey bars. The episode when Atticus learns to love the unfamiliar food prepared for him by his ya-ya (his grandma). And there’s the one when Battie doesn’t get over his fear of dogs.

Their stories aren’t extraordinary. There isn’t a neatly packaged lesson for them to learn every episode. The show features kids being kids. And as kids, their stories are witty, moving, and honest.


Solange Reveals How Much She Loves Jessie

Oct 19, 2016   //   by Solange   //   Age 4-8, Kids' Panel  //  Comments Off on Solange Reveals How Much She Loves Jessie

Hi, my name is Solange. I’m 8 years of age and today I’ll be happy to tell you about my favourite TV show.

My favourite TV show is ‘Jessie’.

In this video I tell you why.


It’s time to add reality food TV to the media literacy mix

Jan 17, 2012   //   by   //   The Parent Perspective  //  Comments Off on It’s time to add reality food TV to the media literacy mix
( Photo courtesy of Toca Boca)

I spent many screen-time hours encouraging my young daughters to watch television with an open mind and think critically about their viewing, especially in recent years with the onslaught of reality shows like Real World, The Bachelor and The Hills. In addition to my annoying reminders and play-by-play while viewing these shows, they’ve also been exposed to many aspects of media coaching from workshops in the classroom to on-set studio visits. Actually, they’ve impressed me with their insightful observations over the years. They do get it and they’ve seen behind the curtain. But I believe there is another looming challenge ahead for parents who want to ensure they are raising truly media savvy viewers—and no one is talking about this yet. Am I the only one concerned about TV cooking shows and their impact on our kids?


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