What We Do

What We DoThe kidsmediacentre is an industry and creative content think tank at Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre. The kmc is the second pillar in the School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design’s commitment to the children’s media industry in Canada. Working alongside our Children’s Entertainment Program, we research kids’ relationships with 21st century media and connect our talented students with industry partners to help incubate and produce the next generation of children’s entertainment and media.

Media Literacy

A think tank about kids would be an empty proposition without kids’ voices. So we’re including them in the conversation. You’ll see some of their contributions on this site. Our hope is to engage kids in decoding and assessing the worth and contribution of a media product or idea — a.k.a. media literacy: what works for kids and what constitutes a good idea and value proposition for the industry. The kidsmediacentre is here to help bridge that gap.

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