Key Services

The kidsmediacentre functions as a creative research hub within the children’s media industry. We offer a three-tiered approach to research:

Market Research: The kidsmediacentre provides a rich menu of creative research tools to help content producers develop meaningful and inspiring entertainment for children.

Applied Research: We provide research and development support to children’s producers by tapping into federal and provincial “applied” grants and partnering Centennial’s multi-disciplinary faculty and students with industry.

Social Science Research: As an academic centre, we research and explore children’s relationship with media, technology and entertainment in all of its forms and creative expressions.

Research Solutions

The kidsmediacentre offers a unique perspective within the children’s market combining academic rigour and a strategic, brand building discipline to all research we do. We can help you :

  • Develop deep strategic profiles and lifestyle analysis of children and parents
  • Explore or test the viability of an early stage idea
  • Research the competitive landscape
  • Build and explore preliminary youth focused concepts
  • Child development compatibility and ensuring high ground, age-appropriate communication in your production
  • Harness children’s creativity and intuitive story and gameplay sensibilities to optimize your property’s enjoyment and learning potential
  • Research the reception and passion children have for your product, property or idea
  • User experience design and testing …usability….playability
  • Explore the largely untapped educator perspective
  • Strategy clarity and communications optimization
  • Assess message playback @storyartscentre