Our Mission and Vision

The Mission

Our mission is to provide leadership, inspiration and insight into the children’s media industry and support entrepreneurial content producers in their goal to provide quality, cross-platform entertainment and media for children and youth.

The Vision

  • Our VisionWe believe media offers a world of possibilities for children and youth and are committed to helping Canadian businesses and creative industries understand the role media plays in shaping a child’s world.
  • To enrich the Canadian media and entertainment landscape and in turn, help children reach their highest potential.
  • To provide fresh new thinking and actionable insights around children, their media and digital relationships. We believe that children are a product of their environment and more than any previous generation, media and technology are shaping the prism through which children view and live life.
  • To serve as an entrepreneurial hub and innovation incubator for creative industries in the kids’ space by providing college-based R&D support to emerging industry content developers. The centre will offer partnership services by providing skilled faculty and student support to assist in developing the next generation of kids’ content.
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